Welcome to Massachusetts Aggregate and Asphalt Pavement Association (MAAPA)

Welcome to Massachusetts Aggregate and Asphalt Pavement Association (MAAPA).

Massachusetts Aggregate and Asphalt Pavement Association (MAAPA) is an association representing the owners and operators of Hot Mix batching plants and quarries throughout Massachusetts. These plants and quarries provide materials used for infrastructure repairs such as sand, stone, asphalt products, concrete, rail ballast and a host of other products. Directly and indirectly, our members provide thousands of jobs for plant workers, truckers, and construction crews across the state.

The purpose of MAAPA is to promote the development, improvement, and advancement of quality asphalt pavements. MAAPA works with various governmental agencies to improve pavement specifications and address environmental concerns. We also work to improve funding for transportation improvements at the state and federal levels.


03/24/15 - Chairwomen
Chairwomen - Jan Callahan - Palmer Paving
03/24/15 - Treasurer
Treasurer - Mark Connors - JS Lane
03/24/15 - Secretary
Secretary - Drew Forrest - Mass Broken Stone
03/24/15 - Vice Chairman
Vice Chairman - Alan Chicoine - All States
04/23/15 - Industry Associations
MAAPA is proud to be a member of - NAPA, SAPA, APA, NSSGA, NETTCP, EBC
05/21/15 - 10/27/2015
MAAPA - 80th anniversary dinner at the Beechwood Hotel, Worcester MA
07/22/15 - November 19th
Tech - Spec Committee Meeting
07/22/15 - October 29th
Environmental/Safety Meeting
10/26/15 - 11/17/2015
Paving Technology Committee @ Milton CAT